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Hey Wizards, Since You’re Going Retro… (Part 2)

Since Wizards of the Coast has been releasing a whole bunch of retro themed products I thought I would throw my ideas out there for retro products that definitely could get my money. (if you missed part 1 see it here)

I have a long standing relationship with the B-Series modules. Like millions of other gamers, they are where I cut my teeth. But for me it goes far deeper than that.

Years ago, when it first came out, I picked up the repackaged adventures B1-9 In Search of Adventure. Basically it was the first nine B-Series modules in one booklet, with some interludes to help DMs transition between them.

The best way to kick off a campaign.

I think I have kicked off more campaigns by cracking open that booklet than every other module or self written adventure combined. Why? Because it was a really smart idea. Give a DM a dozen different adventures (I say a dozen instead of 9 because they broke Castle Caudwell into its components). Each of these adventures is completely self contained, and simple to run. Then give the DM tools for connecting these adventures.

The flow chart (which showed how one adventure would lead to the next) was great because even though it showed only three paths, at any time you could leave your current path and start over again at the top. To be honest there was nothing stopping you from running the adventures any way you pleased, but the flow chart was a nice helper to planning.

So how about it Wizards? How about either updating In Search of Adventure to 4E or make a new In Search of Adventure with a dozen adventures for low level characters and ways to easily connect them?

(btw – I am aware that Goodman Games has released a module package titled In Search of Adventure, I actually have been planning on picking it up for a new game I am starting. I was just suggesting that Wizards should look into making such a product)


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Featured Site – The Vaults of Pandius

I was actually hesitant to write up The Vaults of Pandius, because with nearly half a million visitors, one has to wonder if anyone who needs it still doesn't know about it. But I'll put that aside and hope this is helpful to someone (certainly there was a time I didn't know about it).

The Vaults of Pandius bills itself as The Official Mystara homepage. I don’t know how “official” that title really is, but it doesn’t really matter; there is no better place online or off to get information about Mystara.

I don’t think I could properly describe everything that is done well on this page, but just to give it a shot:

  • It has a huge atlas of recreated maps, including fixing the discrepancies between the many maps that TSR produced.
  • It has enormous information on every corner of Mystara, so much it even puts the Gazetteers to shame.
  • It has all kinds of creative and interesting optional rules, for both Mystara and Basic D&D.
  • There are all kinds of adventures and campaign ideas for the Mystara setting.
  • There is a huge collection of stories about Mystara (many ripe for a DM to pick through).

If there was any fault to be found in the site it would be that it is an old site and it shows; in particular the external links it provides are mostly dead. But if you play Basic D&D or want to play a campaign of any edition in Mystara, the Vaults of Pandius can be an invaluable resource for you.

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