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My Life in Polyhedrons – HARPGC Year 2

For me the second year of HARPGC was dominated by the events surrounding the Tournement in Fire, and bookended by two small tournements we ran.

The first tournement, which Warren and I ran at the start of the year, did a great deal to make us more visible in our own school, and increased our membership that year. The second tournment, which all of the Tournement in Fire team ran near the end of the year for junior high students, ensured the size of the club would increase again the next year.

During the year, the main event for me during the lunch hours was running the campaign that the Tournment in Fire team used as practice – the Shadowlord campaign.

For being such an important campaign, and for all the things I did very differently, I don’t really remember much about it. I couldn’t name a single character (though guessing which player was playing which class would be very easy; as everyone had a set class in prep for the tourney)

What I can say is this.

This is the first D&D campaign I ever ran that all of the material was my own (though I had done that in other games before). The game centred around the party’s continuing battle with a villian called the Shadowlord (a name I stole from a module, x11).

We would start a new adventure every Monday, play through the week, then get together on Saturday for another four to five hours.

My plan from the start of the campaign was that the villian would survive every week, returning the next week with a new scheme. I always made him two levels ahead of the party, so this ought to have been easy. However, during the course of this campaign I learned a great deal about how not to manipulate players and situations (there were many situations where the players felt they had the Shadowlord trapped, and that it was impossible for his to escape – inevitably he always did).

My thought was that the players would simply feel more and more anger towards the Shadowlord each week (giving them extra motivation), and for awhile this is what was happenning. But, as the weeks turned into months, anger turned into frustration. By the time the game was wrapping up the players were ambivilent towards their nemesis, and annoyed with me.

As little as I remember about that campaign, I remember even less about the other events going on in the club that year. Though I know for much of the year there was another game going on, I couldn’t tell you who was in it (which, considering they were likely people who later became friends of mine, is quite embaressing) much less what they were doing.

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