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Gaming Resolutions 2011

Its that time of year when people love to make resolutions. I am a person who for many years, poo-pooed resolutions and people who chose to make them. But in recent years I have been able to enact a number of positive changes in my own life via resolutions. So here are some of my own for this year that pertain to gaming.

1. Bring Healthier Snacks

There was a time years ago where my group brought a wide diversity of snacks, but somehow, over the years we have degraded into a group who exists almost solely on potato chips (though once in a while someone brings candy).

I am going to lead by example and hope others follow. My plan is start bring a veggie tray, with the hope that not gorging on chips every week will help us life a little healthier and game a little longer.

2. Drink Healthier Drinks

While our snacks are communal, we for the most part bring our own drinks to game night. I resolved a couple of years ago that I was going to stop ingesting so much sugar at game night, and so switched from drinking Coke to drinking Diet Coke. While that was a positive change, I don’t think it went far enough. I am always awake for hours after gaming, and its hard not to suspect that the large amount of caffeine I am ingesting is to blame. So next year I am going to cut out caffeinated drinks too.

3. Maximize Play Time

One of my group’s biggest problems is that we can’t find enough hours to play. But I make this problem far worse by allowing us to start late and end early. This year we are going to start on time, and we are going to play to the end.

4. No Frivolous Campaign Switching

As I have mentioned in this blog before, I am somewhat prone to ending games prematurely and starting new ones because some new idea has caught my fancy, and I desparately want to build a campaign around said new idea. No more. This year we are going to stick with the game we have unless it reaches its natural end, or other group members express a desire to end it.

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