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100th Post Retrospective

I was reading some information online last August about maintaining a blog – in particular how to avoid the all too common practice of abandonning a blog shortly after starting it.

“If you are not passionate about your topic, then you are not going to stick to it.”

Suddenly after reading that sentence I could understand all of my previous blogging failures. Every blog I had ever started before I had started with the wrong motives and the wrong topics. Never before had I blogged about a topic that I cared deeply enough about that I could stick with it.

It didn’t take much soul searching to know with certainty what topic I could stick to; D&D has been the only constant in my life; and there is no topic I have more to say on.

Originally I had planned to start out blogging about D&D, and then branch out to discussing fantasy and other games. But the longer I do this, the less I feel the need to branch out; I have played other games, but except for West End’s SWRPG, there are no other games I am as passionate about as D&D; and while I am a fan of fantasy literature and film, I don’t think I could really write about it.

But having decided that D&D would be my topic, I was faced with a very big decision about when I would start this project. You see, since the fall of 2009 I have been back in school. And something I have learned the hard way is that when you have a family college dominates every free moment that you have. I felt certain that there was no way I could start this blog right away without impacting my grades. Alas, I couldn’t keep my resolve; after just one week, overwhelmed by all the ideas I had for articles, I went ahead and registered the blog.

I must admit that I was pretty much flying blind when I created this blog; I had never read a D&D blog in my life. Moreover, I hadn’t been keeping up with any of the developments in the gaming world; I was totally unaware of Essentials and Pathfinder, only somewhat aware of the many retro clones, and perhaps most importantly had no knowledge of the upcoming red blox set.

I chose the name The Red Box Blog because of my affinity for the red box set from the 80s. Its was what started me in D&D, and at the time I began the blog, it was the rule set I was playing with. I had no idea that just three days after I started my blog Wizards was launching a new red box.

When I started the blog I had it in my head that I would publish just three articles a week, and that either one or two of those each week would be something I had already written. I couldn’t keep to this schedule at all, by which I mean that I couldn’t keep myself from posting every day. Moreover, I found that alot of the writing I had done in the past didn’t really jive well with the feeling of a blog. I still do put up one previously written article a week – I wrote the My Life in Polyhedron for Facebook – but other than that I rarely post older articles any more.

For the most part I have been able to keep up a pace of one article per day and for the most part my schooling didn’t suffer too much because of the blogging. So I do plan to keep up my current pace.

The next hundred articles are probably going to look pretty similar to the first hundred; I have some big ideas about where I would like to go with this site, but I know for certain I can’t implement any of those ideas till I am done school at the end of April.

Anyways, thank you all for reading; your continued presence here is a huge inspiration.


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  1. Nice job hitting the one hundred mark! I continue to enjoy your blog and hope you keep the posts coming. I liked your character sheet thoughts, I love looking back over my battered PC from years past.

    Comment by Dylan | December 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. congrats, I have always been amazed at your productivity. I really like your “life in polyhedron” segments, and I am glad you weren’t successful in taking your life. looking forward to another 100 posts.

    Comment by middleagedm | January 2, 2011 | Reply

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