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Featured Site – TV Tropes

Definition of TROPE

1b : a common or overused theme or device : cliché

Sometimes one can find inspiration for gaming where one least expects it, and such is the case with TV Tropes. I stumbled upon it one day, spent weeks just enjoying reading the great information contained therein, before waking up one day and asking “why aren’t I using this for games?”

The site is an unbelievable wealth of information on the tropes that permeate our culture, and where to go to find examples of said tropes (despite the name, it deals with far more than tv). The site can be a great source of inspiration – for coming up with new ideas for your character or your game – and also a great reference – to find other instances of a trope you are planning on using.

If the site has a flaw its that its hard to know where to start and its its impossible to appreciate the breath of information contained therein without spending hours exploring. When I go there without any idea of what I am looking for I often start by clicking on the random button in the upper right hand corner. Sometimes this takes me to something useful, and sometimes I just look in the page that comes up for an interesting link; very rarely I hit the random a second time.

But in the interest of making the site more useful to my readers, here are some links that are widely pertainent to D&D.

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December 5, 2010 - Posted by | Dungeons and Dragons, Featured Site, RPGs

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