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My Life in Polyhedrons – HARPGC Year One

On registration day for my first year of high school I poured through the list of clubs in the various handouts we had been given and was disappointed to discover there was no role playing games club at my school. There was however details on how a student could form their own official club.

My high school's logo.

After waiting a few weeks to see if a club existed, but was not listed in the handouts, or if a more senior student was going to form a club, I decided to go ahead and make one myself (with help from my friend Warren and also John). It was a huge pain in the butt, wasting an enormous amount of our time and effort. And despite going through all the official steps we would never be listed anywhere as an official club.

Ironically, though I never again went through the pain of registering the club, in future years when we were completely unofficial and off the books we got a small amount of recognition (including a yearbook photo).

We spent almost every lunch hour gaming in Mr Marshall’s room (Mr Marshall was my English teacher). In that first year I don’t think we ever had more than six players, and at times had less than that. It was a very personal club back then, though I was happy to see it grow in future years.

Our first year participants included myself, Warren and Kory. Also there every lunch hour was John, though he almost always just watched. (a couple of times when we played a game that absolutely required another player he would join in)

I honestly couldn’t say with certainty what we played during those many lunch hours. I remember a lot of games, but the years of the gaming club all blend together in my mind. I do seem to remember that in the first year I was almost always the DM/GM – but then that’s been the case for most of the past quarter century.

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