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Trouble Scheduling Around the Holidays? Take a Break.

This past weekend my group came to a realization – there isn’t a single week in December of this year that we can get together. My schedule is full in the first half of the month, and others have events in the latter half. We briefly considering scheduling an alternate game day for the week of Christmas, but the fact that we won’t be getting together between now and then to discuss it made that idea seem foolish.

Does a holiday need gaming to be happy?

So here we are, a whole month without gaming. And as much as I will miss the game, I am laughing at the irony of December edging us out. You see, years ago, when I first formed the group, I had the clever idea that we should take a month off twice per year – December and June. It seemed to me at the time that such a break would prevent burnout, and give everyone a window in which they could schedule events that might otherwise conflict with the game.

The first December we were playing together we took the break from our campaign, but I threw out to everyone “We aren’t going to be playing but you can still come here and hang out if you want.” So everyone came as usual, we just didn’t game. The same thing happened in June.

After our June break I had trouble getting motivated to run our game; I was really burned out from doing way to much prep work. So the back half of that year was largely wasted playing a several different short lived campaigns. One of those short lived games died in November, and so while we didn’t actually play a game in December (though everyone continued to come) it wasn’t so much a break as just a continuation of our struggles.

That second December was the last time we took a purposeful break – in 2004.

Since then we have tried to play as much as our lives will let us; if players are available we play (unless we are having some sort of trouble related to getting a game started). But I am left to wonder if keeping the foot on the pedal is the right choice.

mmmmm . . . breaks.

Taking a break brings a semblance of balance to the lives of the group members; it gives everyone a chance to recharge and can make the game a fresher feeling when it is restarted. Even though its tempting to group a month off in the same basket as a month where attendance problems plague the group, they aren’t the same thing and have very different impacts on the mood of the table.

I think having had this break forced upon us, I am going to bring the month long break back to our group. Both for our sanity and for the refreshing nature of it.

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