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My Life in Polyhedrons – The 66 Ave Characters

There were a lot of characters in the 66 ave campaign – probably at least twenty that were played enough I should remember them. But unfortunately, having put this off for as many years as I have, many have slipped from my memory. (I will update this post should any more come to mind in the future)

The simplest way to divide up the massive number of characters is by the original group and the second wave of characters. The main members of the original group were:

Eric – A human fighter played by Warren, named for a character in Willow; for much of the campaign he was the most powerful character. During our out of session role playing it was implied that he had a romantic relationship with Sorcha.

Flint – A dwarven thief played by Warren, named for a character in Dragon Lance; he was the best thief in the game till near the very end. His death, along with Athena and Picknose, was the cause of the second wave of characters; Flint and Picknose were eventually raised from the dead via wishes.

Crusher – A half-orc fighter played by Brian. At the start of the campaign he was the toughest fighter – Brian had maxed out strength and constitution at huge expense to his other stats. But due to Crusher being the unlucky one that found out you could only raise one stat once eating some magic fruit we had found (and eating more than one piece had a huge negative impact on your stats) his character actually got weaker as everyone else got stronger; after that his role was always secondary.

Picknose – A halforc fighter/thief played by Joel. Picknose was a backup fighter and backup thief, though neither role seemed to bother Joel. Unlike Brian he seemed to relish the role playing opportunities of a dimwitted character. Along with Flint, Picknose was dead for a time, sparking the creation of the second wave.

Loten Ofen – An Elvin fighter/magic user played by Joel. He was the only real source of offensive magic in the original group, and with the abundance of fighters, magic user was his primary role.

Athena – A human cleric played by me, named for the Greek goddess. She was the original cleric for the group, but died during the Slave Lord series when Joel (who was controlling her) forgot to have her heal herself, then the group got hit by a trap. The dispute over her death is one I am not proud of – and is a big part of why this was the last campaign I DMed that I also owned characters in.

Sorcha – A human ranger played by me, named for a character in Willow (though intentionally misspelled). During the first year of the campaign Sorcha was very much a backup fighter for the group. However, when the deaths caused us to form the second wave of characters, Sorcha dual-classed into thief and joined the second wave. By the end of the campaign Sorcha ‘s thief levels had finally surpassed her ranger levels, giving her some insanely powerful options (like backstabbing with her two handed sword).

Michael Angelo – A human cleric played by me, named for the artist (though I broke it into two names on purpose). Created to replace Athena, he was way behind the rest of the original group in levels and so along with Sorcha joined the second wave, where he was so far ahead that the second wave never wanted for healing. (Joel was a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so frequently when Michael Angelo’s name was mentioned Joel would added the line from their theme song “is a party dude”)

When the group was about level 5 or 6 Athena died and was replaced by Michael Angelo, who naturally started at level 1 (I say naturally because this is how we always did things back then). When the group was level 9 or 10, Flint and Picknose died at the same time.

Suddenly the group had no thief, no way to raise the dead (Michael Angelo was only about level 6) and the group was far too advanced for a new level 1 thief; a level 1 thief would not only be in constant mortal danger, but his thief abilities would be useless to the party.

I suggested having Sorcha dual class into thief, but that only removed the mortal danger element; Sorcha as a level 1 thief still couldn’t cut the mustard.

So in the end we formed a break away party for the purpose of getting a thief up to a level he was useful to us. My two characters joined said party, Sorcha because she was now effectively a level 1 character who just happen to have 88 hit points (oh first edition, you were so quirky), and Michael Angelo because this was a good chance for him to make up the gap between him and the main party.

I gave everyone a lot of rope when creating characters for the second wave, and so they became a very odd bunch. Unfortunately other than my own characters, the only two that come to mind right now are Warren’s two.

Dork – A half ogre fighter played by Warren. I think Brian was happiest of all to see Dork, because Dork became the new butt of all jokes about stupidity, though Dork’s crazy high strength just pushed Crusher even further down the fighter totem pole.

Quinby – A kendar thief played by Warren. Warren played the typical kendar to a tee, a kleptomaniac whose antics were both amusing, and occasionally frustrating, to everyone.

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