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My Life In Polyhedrons – The Solo Campaign

There have been a few times over the years where I have run a particular kind of game, then never again been able to do a game of that kind properly. One such instance was the (mostly) solo campaign I ran for my friend Warren in the early months of 1987.

My family had just moved, putting a lot more distance between me and the players in my previous campaigns. The distance caused my friendship with Jamie to weaken and my friendship with Dale to essentially vanish. But Warren and I became better friends than ever, despite the much longer walk between our homes.

The first AD&D game that I ran was almost entirely a solo game played by Warren; Jamie played once in while, but not often enough to have a major impact. A lot of the adventures we played back then were just the same adventures we had played the summer before – I just fudged numbers to make them AD&D compatible.

Perhaps the greatest feat of this campaign was how well Warren handled the crazy number of characters he was required to handle. On any given adventure he would be controlling between six and eight characters.

Although I continued to “own” some of the characters, by this point that meant nothing other than levelling them up and making purchases for them outside of the actual session.

The game fell by the wayside in the spring, for us to play other (non-D&D) games over the summer. And by the fall we had two new players to play with, and so it made perfect sense that we started a whole new game.

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