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My Life In Polyhedrons – Christmas 1986

It is perhaps ironic that as an adult I have much to say about children who are over zealous about the wrong things at Christmas time, as I most certainly was one of those kids growing up. And no year was worse than Christmas 1986.

I had decided in the fall that we were going to start playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, and my big plan to obtain the numerous expense hardcover books was to divide up the list of books and send out requests to anyone and everyone I thought I could milk for a $40 book. All together that Christmas I received six of the books I was looking for; amazingly, some came from people I barely knew.

The books were monsters, and as anyone who has ever seen them can attest, they weren’t written very well from an instructional stand point. (doubly so when compared to the coloured box sets we had been using) But like any edition change we were able to play largely because we gave up trying to learn everything, and just learned the absolute basics. The rest came through experience.

So to sum up, Christmas 1986 was a high point in terms of gaming, and a low point in terms of being a reasonable human being.


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