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My Life in Polyhedrons – Coloured Box Set Redux

About the time school started in September 1986 (grade 7 for me), I decided to reread the red box cover to cover, and discovered that how we had been playing was grossly in error. Considering how we considered the rulebook to be king, this was especially horrifying.

We thought King ruled, or rules were king; one of those equally silly things.

After thinking about our situation, I came to believe that the best thing to do was just scrap the game and start fresh and new. After all, not only had we been misinterpreting the rules, but we had created a grossly imbalanced situation that was not fair to half our players.

I don’t remember how I first told the group that I thought it was time to start a new campaign, but I do remember their reactions. Warren had his usual easy going attitude about it, while Dale and Jamie were very unhappy. To be honest this really surprised me, I figured that Dale would agree with me on principle and that Jamie would love to have a level playing field; but both of them only saw what they were losing.

Tensions were high, but what ended it was the ultimatum I gave Dale and Jamie. I wasn’t going to play the old campaign any more, I was going to play a new one. If they wanted to play with me, they would have to make new characters. That ended the game though not the hurt feelings. Perhaps most importantly, for the first time I had asserted the type of authority normally attributed to DMs. From that point foward I was the DM.

This second campaign was a short lived and forgettable one. To be honest I can’t remember what rules we changed that made me so happy other than limiting each player to one character.

The only character I can even remember the name of was mine (Hundra, named for some cheesy fantasy film chick; the first time I had a female character) – she was probably a fighter, but who knows.

The only adventure I remember clearly was “The Journey to the Rock”. Though I am pretty sure we played this campaign regularly for at least two months.

A great adventure? Not really. Yet I have great memories of it.

This game ended, I moved to a new neighborhood, and we started playing AD&D at about the same time, so I don’t really remember what caused what. And despite Dale and I having gone from being good friends to inseparable during the first few months of my D&D career, after this short lived campaign I would barely see him again, and but for a short tournament in high school, never game with him.


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