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Hey Wizards, Since You’re Going Retro… (Part 3)

Since Wizards of the Coast has been releasing a whole bunch of retro themed products I thought I would throw my ideas out there for retro products that definitely could get my money. (if you missed parts 1 and 2)

Dungeons and Dragons is about getting together with your friends to have a little fun. Sometimes when you get together with your friends you want a huge epic, other times you might want to just kill things, and then there are times that you just want to share a good laugh.

Funniest module ever.

Castle Greyhawk is an adventure with a bit of a tainted history; supposedly it was written as a big FU to Gygax. But whatever the motives behind writing it, playing it was hilarious. The jokes in it are timeless; its one of the few modules where I’ve really been annoyed at players for missing a room.

The 12 levels of the Castle went as follows:

  1. A zoo of misfit monsters gone wild (perfect adventure for 1st level characters)
  2. A massive clan of humanoids are throwing a party for a demon, and don’t actually care that the PCs are there
  3. A bunch of magical baked goods gone wild
  4. An adventure with all the maps shown in side view because the challenge is to travel upwards
  5. A level filled with references to game shows, comics and movies
  6. Pokes fun at the stereotypical undead filled temple
  7. Bizarre adventure involving giant honey bees
  8. Really weird adventure about fast food wars
  9. The name “Vices and Virtues” says it all
  10. Fluffy goes down the drain. Sounds like a typical first level adventure, till it turns out the missing dog, Fluffy, has been adopted by Orcus.
  11. The great Mordenkainen has discovered our world, and now is using his as a way to make cheap fantasy movies.
  12. Ties the whole thing to together with a massive machine that has been causing the chaos of the levels above.

As a serious adventure Castle Greyhawk was full of fail; I could sit here all day listing all the plot holes and inconsistencies the adventure had. But I can also tell you that I have never met anyone who played it who cared one iota about all those – they were having too much fun. So how about it Wizards? You’ve brought back all kinds of classic epic adventures, now how about bringing back Castle Greyhawk?


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