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Leveled Magic Items – Axiom

Level Requirements Powers
1 None +1 Long Sword
2 Lawful +1 Long Sword, +2 vs Chaotic Outsiders; if user is a Paladin (or equivilent) he may use his detect evil and smite evil powers vs. Chaotic creatures
3 Concentrate skill 3 ranks;
500 XP invested
Protection From Chaos once per day
4 Concentrate skill 6 ranks;
1000XP invested
Order’s Wrath once per day
5 Concentrate skill 9 ranks;
1500XP invested
Dispel Chaos once per day
6 Concentrate skill 12 ranks;
2000XP invested
+2 Long Sword, +4 vs Chaotic Outsiders

*All spells like powers are cast at either the minimum level for the spell, or the owner’s Paladin level – whichever is higher

When Til-Gamir began to prepare for his epic quest to rid the underdark of evil, he turned to his father, legendary craftsman Talith to make him a weapon worthy of the quest. Talith spent three long years fashioning the perfect weapon for his paladin son – Axiom.

Little else is known of the history of the sword for neither Til-Gamir, not any of his followers ever returned from their quest in to darkness. Somehow, in the years after Til-Gamir left Axiom fell in to the hands of the evil Audurach…


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