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My Life in Polyhedrons – The Million gp Gem

Of all the absurd moments in that first campaign, nothing stands out in my mind so clearly as the day our characters became millionaires. Dale and I were over at Jamie’s house discussing D&D, when Dale mentioned their was something he wanted me to look at.

A million gp for this?

Dale took out the module The Keep on the Borderlands (which we had already played many times) and opened it up to the minotaur’s cave (which in all our adventures we had never found). Dale showed me the treasure which said something like “and there are three gems worth 1,200, 500 and 300gp”. Dale argued that it was saying that there was a gem worth over a million gp there. I disagreed, but after a very long time I gave in.

As soon I gave in we set up to play the adventure; an absurd notion considering our characters were now around 10th level while the adventure was made for characters of levels 1 to 3. And while the minotaurs cave was suppose to be a hard to find, Dale made it super easy so we could get down to business.

Dale’s one concession that this was too easy was that he increased the number of minotaurs from one to three – but it still was hugely lop sided, and in less time than it took him to convince me to go along with this, our characters were very, very, rich. (and a level higher since colored box rules gave an XP for every gp)

As always we divided the treasure equally amoung the characters, which meant that I got three shares, and Dale two; Jamie got just one. Almost immediately Dale and I started drawing up plans for huge castles we would be building with this loot (having our characters pool their money in such a way was common). Poor Warren wasn’t there that day, causing his character to fall even further behind.


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