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Leveled Magic Item – Green Thumb

Level Requirements Powers
1 none +1 Scimitar
2 Knowledge(nature) 4 ranks
500XP invested
Detect Plants whenever sword is held
3 Knowledge(nature) 8 ranks
1000XP invested
+2 Scimitar
4 Knowledge(nature) 12 ranks
1500XP invested
Speak with Plants whenever sword is held
5 Knowledge(nature) 16 ranks
2000XP invested
+3 Scimitar

Farenyth, a druid of some reknown, was a key player in saving Vesve forrest from ruin at the hands of an evil dragon. Though he asked for no reward, the elves who lives he saved insisted of giving him the most valuable reward they had – magic. The elves enchanted his scimitar (a rather unassuming weapon he had owned for many years) with powers they thought a druid could make use of.

Though Farenyth had dismissed the elves offer to begin with, in the years that followed he was grateful time and time again for Greenthumb. Though the hilt looked quite plain, except for a piece of green crystal set in its base, the blade was a wonder to look at. The blade took on different appearances depending on the light. In the light of the sun or the moon elven runes (actually poetry about nature) appeared along the length of the blade. In moderate to low unnatural light the blade gave the appearance of being wood. In near or totally darkness the blade began to glow a gentle green.

In time Farenyth discovered that when holding Greenthumb he needed only to think of a type of plant, and he would immediately know if there were any of that species near by. Then, one day, when he thought the sword could not be any more useful, Farenyth learned that when holding Greenthumb he could speak with any sort plants.

Farenyth kept Greenthumb by his side till his death, when the sword passed on to his grandson, Mykath. Though Mykath treasured the sword, he never learnt all its powers – he lost both the sword and his life before that could happen. When Belak first began trying to introduce his “reforms” to the druidic order Mykath was one of his closest followers. However, like most others, Mykath deserted Belak when the Grand Druid denounced him. Belak killed Mykath in cold blood, and took the sword his grandfather had loved.

(Belak is main villian in the module the Sunless Citadel. I gave him this item in place of the masterwork sickle he is suppose to have. He had level 2 of the item unlocked.)


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