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My Life In Polyhedrons – MM and Yohan

The Big Five was comprised of characters owned solely by myself and Dale, but we were not the only regular players in that first campaign; Jamie and Warren also had notable characters – though they only had one each.

Jamie had been playing with us at the very beginning (which was no surprise; he Dale and I were all good friends back then), but then he suddenly disappeared for a month. When Jamie started hanging around with us again in early July, he told us that he had been playing D&D with his older brother in the missing time, but that now he wanted to play with us again. The kicker was that he wanted to bring his character, a magic-user named MM, from his brother’s game into our game.

It fell on my shoulders to make the decision. Unfortunately Jamie didn’t help his case with his stories of the crazy cheating and Monty Haul nature of his brother’s game. If I had just said no way it would have really upset Jamie, but the compromise I reached just pissed off everybody.

  • I did nothing to force Jamie to pick a different name for his character “MM”. (everyone else thought it wasn’t a real name)
  • I made Jamie lower the stats of MM, but they were still quite high for our game.
  • I made him shed a few levels, though it still meant he was the only player to be allowed to start at a level other than one.
  • I made him shed most of his magic items, though there was still the perception he didn’t earn the items he was allowed to keep.

There was always an air of bitterness about Jamie, over the compromises he was forced to make. Equally so, he was bitter that he felt his character was much weaker than Dale or my characters. Perhaps most of all Jamie sought recognition, and the fact we had a nickname for our characters, but not his was a sore spot too (he often suggested that his character ought to be allowed into “The Big Five”, and certainly MM was more powerful than my elf Mezlo; but it wasn’t a club, it was just what Dale and I called our characters)

The events surrounding all this have probably played a big part in my outright refusal to allow any outside character into any other game I have run since. Sure I always cite story continuity and the like, but I think deep down I am simply remembering all the headaches that came with MM.

About the same time that Jamie returned from his mysterious absence, Warren returned from a much longer, though not so mysterious one. (he had been in Australia for the previous year) This meant that like Jamie, Warren was in the position of being way behind Dale and myself in terms of the progress of characters. (and as mentioned before, we made all characters start at level 1) But Warren’s attitude could not have been more different than Jamie’s.

Warren’s character Yohan was the weakest character in pretty much every adventure he ever participated in. And not just a little bit weaker – if I recall he was never less than six levels behind the leading characters. Yet Warren was very easy going about all this. I think Warren’s quiet acceptance of his character’s lot, was another key factor in my wanting to end the campaign – the game just wasn’t fair to Warren.


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