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7 Ways to Take My $5

After my review of Obsidian Portal, and the subsequent response from its staff, I began to wonder just what I would be willing to pay $5/month for (since I’m not willing to pay that much for their service). These items would all be in addition to the things I mentioned in the article as gimmes – basically anything one can get for free (from blogs or elsewhere).

1. Access To A Mapping Program
I’m not talking about the high end digital mapping software that I keep putting off getting (though you would think a site like Obsidian Portal could swing a volume deal on such a thing), but maybe a functional, not ugly, mapper. It could even be online access only for all I would care – just let me show the maps on your site and print them on my printer.

2. Modules
Again, I’m not looking for something with high production qualities (think Living Greyhawk), just something that I could download and run in a pinch. If a service added just one per month to a growing library it would be more than enough for me.

3. Maps
Just like modules, set up a library and release them on a regular schedule.

4. Other Custom Rules
Again, have a nice, easy to access library of goodies that I can snoop through whenever I’m stumped.

5. Mobile Access
Have a mobile version of the site that runs fast, but potentially could access all of the content I’ve posted.

6. Artwork
I am a lousy artist, and so are all of my players, but we have a real need for pictures. Give me a library of pictures for personal use and I am there; especially if it has pictures that I commonly need, but are hard to find. (like female dwarves and half-orcs)

7. Ease of Use
If I could have a visually appealing campaign website that is already organized the way I need it to be, I would be all over that. Right now, all options require a degree of work, because the site hosting, whomever that might be, doesn’t know what I want. So ask me what I want. Have a simple form I can fill out and 5 minutes later all the work is done. That would truly be easy, and that would be worth my money.


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