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All About Leveled Magic Items

Over the years I became very frustrated with the magic item cycle;

  1. character finds magic item
  2. character loves magic item
  3. character doesn’t love magic item quite so much
  4. magic item is kind of bland
  5. character find new uber magic item
  6. old magic item is tossed

So when I read about the concept of leveled magic items, I jumped on it immediately. Basically the idea is that as characters progress their uber item can grow with them. I love this because this (along with sharing the item’s history) makes players/characters more attatched to items, and as such the items have a much longer shelf life.

In addition to having various skill requirements, I often created item that required characters to invest some of their XP in the item to unlock certain powers. This slowed down the unlocking of the items more than I intended, but regardless, I am going to present some of the items I created as is.

Feel free to do with them as you please.


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  1. I like this idea very much particularly in dealing with 4th editions need to continuously upgrade magic items to keep with the math of the system.

    how did your players find this approach and what edition did you introduce it? also how did you let them know they needed to invest xp in the item?

    Comment by middleagedm | October 14, 2010 | Reply

  2. I started using this with 3.0 and continued with 3.5. I would always let the owner of such an item know the requirements needed to unlock the next power.

    My players really liked it; on some level I think they didn’t like the cycle any more than I did. I actually haven’t used this three or four years now, and when discussing a new game they were the ones who asked for a return of this.

    Comment by The Red DM | October 14, 2010 | Reply

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