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Leveled Magic Item – Rillifane’s Raiment

Level Requirements Powers
1 none Grants the wearer the following elven racial bounes if he does not already have them – immune to sleep, bonus vs enchantments, low-light vision, weapon proficiencies, and skill bonuses
2 Must have some elven blood +2 magical bonus to enchantment saves
3 500XP invested Darkvision
4 1000XP invested +2 magical bonus to Listen, Search and Spot checks
5 1500XP invested Any of the following weapons will act as a +1 magical weapon when weilded by the wearer – longsword, rapier, longbow, short bow

Long ago, during the Epoch of Myth, Incabulos walked the Oerth with a purpose – he sought to destroy the races born of the gods of good. The elves were one such race, and Incabulos hated the elves with a passion. Repeatedly he tried to being doom upon them, and repeatedly their creators battled to defend them. The last and greatest of these battles occured between Rallifane Rallathi,. god of the wood elves, and Incabulos.

The battle was long and fierce, lasting three days and three nights. However Rallifane did not encure a single scratch, though on the eve of the first night a ploy by Incabulos came close. After a brilliant feint, Incabulos drew a dagger and tried to cut open Rallifane’s chest. Instead he only cut all the clasps that held Rallifane’s shirt together. As the shirt quickly became unwieldy with the clasps destroyed, Rallifane discarded it.

When the battle was finally over, and the evil one driven away, Rallifane made no attempt to recover his shirt. It had no special value to him, and he could not remember where it fell away. Though the shirt had never been specially imbued with power, it had spent eons on the body of a god, and so it had absorbed some of his essence. When mortals later found the shirt, it was seen as an item of great value.

For thousands of years Rallifane’s Raiment were passed on from one elf to another. It was said that no one could take or give the shirt; the rainment chose its own owners. Each of the more than one hundred fifty wearers the rainment has somehow exemplified the beliefs of Rallifane himself. A few were great persons to begin with, many more rose to greatness, perhaps with assistance from the Rallifane’s Raiments.

The last known owner was the great elven paladin Til-Gamir. Shortly after gaining the Raiments his purpose in life became to lead an army into the Underdark to destroy the evil that lay there. Neither he nor any of the three hundred elves who joined his crusade were ever seen again.

Rallifane’s Raiment appears to be a piece of apparel common amoung elven nobles. It is a long sleeved over shirt that goes down almost the wearer’s knees. In addition to the properties listed above, the shirt always has the appearance of being clean, and never takes on any odor. Though not water proof, the shirt will dry within minutes. Finally, any damage (or repair), done to it will be undone within 24 hours.


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