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My Life In Polyhedrons – Tassit

As someone who has at times taken D&D very seriously, I take no pride at all in the farce that was my first character (or rather the earliest character I can remember). From start to finish I did things I am not proud of. But as an adult looking back longingly at his childhood, I can remember that I had a great deal of fun – and that is, after all, what gaming is all about.

One day, not too long after I’d started running D&D games with my friends I had the idea that it would be really cool to fight a dragon. So in order to give the party a chance everyone who was there that day spent an hour making up two characters each (eight total).

One of the two characters that I had made up was a cleric, whom I named Tassit. The name was taken from the list of suggestions for NPC names that was at the back of the module “In Search of the Unknown” (in fact I took all of my names from there during that first campaign).

Once all the characters were made, we started the fight pretty much immediately. No build up or explanation, we just had a fight; that was pretty typical for how we ran things back then.

Eight first level characters against one of the wimpy dragons in the Basic Set, was hardly a fair fight – the dragon should have won hands down. But as things turned out one of the characters lived to see the dragon fall – Tassit.

Between the XP for killing a dragon, and all the treasure gained from the dragon Tassit immediately became the most powerful character in our campaign – a title he would never give up. For three months he was my pride and joy, but then, just as suddenly, he would become a symbol of what I thought was wrong with that game.


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