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Living Greyhawk – How I Benefitted from a Campaign I Didn’t Care About

I am a big fan of Greyhawk as a setting. I think its because it has just the right amount of character for me – I get the help I need without feeling constrained – and because the players I have played with over the years have just the right amount of knowledge about it for me – they have been aware of it and some its major points, but have little commited to memory.

From 2000 to 2008 the RPGA ran a massive campaign called Living Greyhawk. Playing as a part of the LG campaign never interested me, but I was a huge benefactor of its existance.

Most overtly, the Living Greyhawk adventures I got my hands on were almost always to my liking; they were short, one night adventures that could be dropped in just about anywhere. Most of them were very well written, particularily with regards to the organization and clarity they gave the DM.

However, there was another manner in which I benefitted that I didn’t give any thought to, at least until it went away. Because of the Living Greyhawk campaign there was a massive amount of information about Greyhawk available all over the internet; in the day I could search google for darn near any aspect of Greyhawk I could think of any come up with many results. But things are changing…

I didn’t really notice till just recently, but its becoming a little harder to find certain resources I have depended on; not impossible, yet, but a growing number of the websites about Greyhawk are vanishing. I am concerned enough that I think I am going to start saving pages instead of bookmarking them because who knows if it will be there the next time I look.

So if you’re like me, and love Greyhawk, better scour the internet while you still can and if you’re all about Forgotten Realms – understand these years may be the last hurrah for your world.


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