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My Life in Polyhedrons – The First Campaign

When I talk about the first campaign I was part of/ran, I mean the games that we played between May and September of 1986. In fairness we didn’t call it a campaign at the time because the word was not in our vocabulary – we were just playing D&D.

Though I would literally invite anyone to play with us, there were four of us who were regulars – myself, Dale, Warren and Jamie. The job of DM was split about 80/20 between myself and Dale. Its worth pointing out that we had some very different notions back then of how things should be done than I would have later.

First of all Dale and I were both DMs and players; I don’t mean we switched between the roles, I mean we were always players, even when we were the DM. Though there were certain things we would not partake in when we were DMing (like choosing which direction to go). In fact, because Dale and I were always present for every session, we had the most characters and the highest level characters.

Second of all, we didn’t consider the DM to be the ultimate authority, we thought the rulebook was. This led to a number of situations that really were less than ideal. Chief amoung them was that Dale and I had characters far more powerful than anyone else (because every new character had to start at level 1, and every XP had to be earned)

Third, if something wasn’t specifically addressed in a rulebook it was fair game. Perhaps chief amoung these was that we never saw it written anywhere you couldn’t play the same adventure again and again. “In Search of the Unknown”, “The Keep on the Borderlands” and “The Isle of Dread” were pretty much committed to memory by everyone.

The game lasted till the day came that I reread the rules, decided that we were playing completely wrong, and needed a fresh start. At the end of this campaign I had two fourteenth level clerics – the highest level characters I have ever had (or anyone else has had in a game I have DMed).


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