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Inception – Awesome Movie, But Could it Be a Campaign?

I was a little late seeing Inception, having only finally seen it last week, and like most viewers, I walked a way with my head full of ideas. Of course, being a gamer, these ideas eventually turned to, how I could leverage this awesomeness into a game.

Well, first off, I think one of the great things about the whole dream world idea, is that it could be very easily adapted to many genres – fantasy, science fiction, super hero, spy, and horror all come to mind as genre ripe for a similar dream type world.

But as I was thinking about how best to realize such a game, I thought of another idea that would make the game seem more dreamy and very unique. Imagine this, what if you started the game using an existing system, playing in the unusual manner. But whenever a dream world is entered, the majority of the GMing duties shift to whomever is playing the architect of the world the group is entering. The GM would continue to play NPCs, except ones created by the architect. This could add real meaning to the shifting between different levels of dreams within dreams.

If you wanted to take the idea one step further, you could allow the architect to choose an entirely different rule set for the dream world; you could start by playing d20, but then the dreamworld is in d6, and the dream within a dream is diceless.

The more I think about it the more I wish I could run this. Alas, with my current group this would not be possible; every one of them dislikes getting behind the screen.


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