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My Life in Polyhedrons – Before the Beginning

In the eleven years I lived before I started playing Dungeons and Dragons there were three ongoing events in my life that were pushing me towards this hobby. Its hard to place a clear cause and effect relationship here, so I will just say that these are very interesting coincidences.

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Cloudy Mountain

I think it was for my eighth birthday that I received the Dungeons and Dragons game for my Intellivision. It was great, I loved it. I cannot possibly say how many hours I lost wandering around those mazes. And the sound of the dragon breathing is probably the only time in my life I’ve been scared by a video game.

This is probably the Intellivision game I played the most when by myself, though the lack of multiplayer meant that it lost out when I had friends over.

Dungeons & Dragons (TV series)

For the two years it was on the air, (when I was 8 to 10 years old), this was my favorite Saturday morning cartoon (though GI Joe was a very close second). I absolutely adored Hank; I so very much wanted to be Hank, and kick Venger’s ass (or at least Eric’s; I hated that whiner). I loved pretending to be in the show (“playing Dungeons and Dragons” as I called it), though my friends were not always so enthusiastic.

The Dungeons and Dragons, Transformers, Marvel Super Heroes Club

When I was in the sixth grade I switched schools to Westbrook Elementary. Not long after the school year began I heard about the club mentioned above; in fact there was no way to not hear about it as every boy in my class was in it except me. To me this just sounded like a fan club for some cartoons and comic books. I vaguely remember asking someone what they did in the club and he told me they “played Dungeons and Dragons”. I don’t know if by sixth grade I was truely beyond playing pretend in the fashion I had a couple years earlier, but I certainly had no desire to do so in the classroom at school during lunch hours.

So that was that, I didn’t ask anything more about said club (which was, of course, all about rpgs) and nobody bothered to tell me. Its a shame really because I am sure I would have enjoyed my time at Westbrook much more if I had been in that club. But as for Dungeons and Dragons, it wouldn’t have to wait much longer for me; before that school year was over I would be an avid player, though not directly because of any of the three items I’ve mentioned in this post.


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  1. lol, I don’t remember much from the Intellivision game but I do remember the breathing and the anxious tension it would create.

    my first character in runequest eventually got an energy bow. I loved that cartoon, I used to get bummed out when hockey practice would force me to miss it in the pre PVR days. I have come close to buying the complete series but I am not sure how it would hold up today.

    Comment by middleagedm | September 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. I don’t have the complete series, just a best of DVD. I started to watch it once, and part way through the first episode I decided I had better stop before I destroy my childhood memories.

    Comment by The Red DM | September 13, 2010 | Reply

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